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Amanda Amory - Writer
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Hello and welcome to my website! Here, you will be sample of my work for you to read and enjoy. Agents and Producers are more than welcome to contact me should they want to read more.



I would love for what I've creatively produced to be enjoyed by others. I cannot wait for the day that people will read my books on their commute to work and take them on holidays to read on the beach. The late and very much lamented Jackie Collins was my writing heroine, and if I can emulate her unbridled success and create legendary characters like she did, I would consider myself very happy and fulfilled.



To have Cinema-goers book tickets to the cinema for the first showing of my feature film would be wonderful, as would having viewers gathering around the box, watching another episode of my television drama and then excitedly talk about it the next morning at work around the water cooler. To trending on Twitter would be great indication that I've made it as well!



Granted it's a hard mountain to climb - but I am determined to succeed. And I would love for you all to come along for the ride...